Surprisingly, racism is anissue in the LGBT community. A lot of people experience racism because lines between gender and racial stereotypes are blurred. For example, African-American LGBT people are seen as more aggressive, while Asian-American LGBT people are seen as more passive.

Homophobia in the Asian-American community

Over four-fifths of LGBT Asian Americans reported experiencing racism from white LGBT community members.LGBTQ Asian Americans are a double minority, facing homophobia and racism.

Anti-Arab and Anti-Semitic Stereotypes

Some Arab Jews and Mizrahi Jews reported discrimination and exclusion by the Jewish Ashkenazi LGBT community.

Anti-Latino and Anti-Hispanic Racism

Gay Hispanic and Latino males complain about racism within as well as outside the LGBT community. Gay Latino men with dark skin reported the highest level of discrimination. Latinos face discrimination in gay bars, which motivated the creation of EstaNoche, the first and only Latino gay bar in San Francisco. Latina lesbians also report discrimination within the white LGBT community.

Anti-Black Racism

Many LGBT blacksreport experiencing discrimination and racism from the white members of their community. Some black gay men report harassment and racism from white gay men in gay bars and clubs.

Research into the ways gay black males feel in their gay and black communities shows they are effectively “stuck”in the middle. Some of them feel they belong to neither one. According to expert Keith Boykin, white straight people and white gay people are equally racist. Those who do not feel a part of the LGBT community distance themselves because it is a white community,to whose experiences they can’t relate. The racism gay black men must deal with in the LGBT community is translating into the broader black community, meaning they continue to be alienated by the only support structures that relate to their perspective.

Racism and Sexual Stereotypes

Authors like Mary Dianne Plummer and Howard Stevenson Jr. write that sexual racism is the basis of a lot of the racism against LGBT black peopleand the merging of racial and sex role stereotypes. Black men who are sexually attracted to white men are accused of suffering from the legacy of racism that generates internalized racism in black men.Some gay black men are against interracial relationships because they find gay black men who have apreference for white men are oblivious to racism or lack strong roots in the black community.