Something to be gawked at?

Posted by DIVA with permission fro LW: People in the street, most often young adolescent males, sometimes children, yelling “lesbiaaaaaaans!” From across the street, out of car windows etc when they see me and my girlfriend holding hands. What is this, say what u see day?? Or are they yelling this as an insult? Or are they so excited they just can’t contain themselves? I will never understand it. It is upsetting as it singles us out as something to be gawked at.



  1. Lizz

    My ex used to shout in response (in a very surprised and excited tone) “Lesbians? WHERE?!” – it was always funny and everytime made the original shouter feel extremely small.

  2. Val Mansell

    I think it is part ignorance and part lack of education. It seems to be instilled in them to act in this pathetic way, to them its a cheap laugh at our expense. Unfortunately, it still shocks and scares people as it isn’t considered to be the norm. Anything that isn’t considered to be ‘normal’ behaviour seems to make people over react in mostly stupid and negative ways. Remember they are at fault – not us.

  3. AM

    Question is not who is at fault. Question here is why should it take someone’s life, safety, self esteem for some people to get educated?

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