Incessant harassment forced us to leave a bar

Posted by DIVA with permission from GM: “I was out with my girlfriends in a straight bar. We were having a nice time. Only for the drunk, attractive, man of around 30 dancing around us all. He hit on a girl with a girlfriend. Instead of taking it on the chin, the guy was more encouraged at the realisation that we were a group of gay women. My partner grabbed my hand and pulled me closer for a dance, for me to hear over my shoulder “oh yeah, I like that, yeah”. I reacted by telling him to sod off, which he did, but only to bother another couple near me. Eventually, our entire group had to leave because of his incessant harassment. *sigh*”


  1. Katie

    Me and my girlfriend get this all the time even in gay bars which I find even worse. We went out once to a gar bar in Manchester sat quietly in the corner and had 7 straight men corner us so we couldn’t move trying to talk to us and asking us questions and touch us. We had to get up and walk out as we were the only ones in the bar in the corner and anything could of happened.

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